Cloud Cartel Hand Made SFC Coils (Staggered Fused Clapton)



SFC ( Staggered Fused Clapton)

These spicy coils are created by hand using only the finest and purest NiChrome80 wire by legendary coil master himself, Twisted Messes.

What can i say about the SFC, these coils are a great alternative and in my eyes just as good as a pair of Alien coils.

These give phenomenal flavour due to the plethora of juice holes created when fusing a staggered core, this in turn means that more liquid can be heated up instantly and produces a more fuller flavour.

The higher ohms means that they are at home sitting in an restricted direct lung RTA as they do not need as much power put through them to get maximum flavour.

I also like them on an RDA as an alternative for when i fancy something a bit different to an Alien.

Plus they look beautiful as well.

All coils are ultrasonic cleaned 3 times before they are bottled inside the sterilised jars and handled only with gloves. This means that the coils you are purchasing are the cleanest they can ever be and ready to install when they arrive.

I hope you enjoy these coils as much as I have loved creating them for you.


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