Cloud Cartel Hand Made Boro Aliens



Cloud Cartel Boro Aliens As Described By The Man Himself:
Boro Aliens
These are the only coils the Cloud Cartel use in all of his Billet Box Bridges and MTL RTA’s. These spicy coils are created by hand, using only the finest and purest NiChrome80 wire by legendary coil master himself, Twisted Messes
These coils are comprised of three strands of 30 Gauge TMNi80 wrapped in 38 Gauge TMNi80 and Ohm out at a .50
The Ohms will differ due to different deck size and leg length but will be between a .45 and .50
I chose to create these coils so you can vape at 30 -35 watts perfectly or push that wattage up to 50 watts and get a warmer vape if that’s how you prefer to vape.
I use these coils in everything from the Ether tank, all the way up to higher end Boro bridges like the WICKD Bridg’d V2 and the performance and cloud production is second to none.
All coils are ultrasonic cleaned 3 times before they are bottled inside the sterilised jars and handled only with gloves. This means that the coils you are purchasing are the cleanest they can ever be and ready to install when they arrive.
I hope you enjoy these coils as much as I have loved creating them for you.

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