Aspire Cleito Coils (0.2 Ohm) Pack Of 5


Aspire 0.2 Ohm Cleito Coils are a great choice of coil for those that use their tank a little more regularly than others and find that the coil life is not as good as they would like. This coil is designed to last that little bit longer or to give a more average coil life compared to others who perhaps don’t use it quite as often.

  • 0.2 Ohm resistance
  • Output power in wattage (55w-70w)
  • 5 Pieces included in pack
  • All coils are considered D.O.A (Dead on arrival) and can not be returned as this is the manufacturers warranty.
  • Please always allow 15-20 minutes wait time prior to vaping once filled with vape juice.
  • Never exceed the stated power outputs as this will shorten the life of the coil